Photographer Tracks Down People He Shot in the Street 40 Years Ago to Recreate Their Pictures

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, paramedic and part time photographer Chris Porsz spent all of his free time walking around the streets of Peterborough, England, taking photos of passersby.

40 years later, Chris tracked down the subjects of his photos all of those years ago, convincing them to strike the same pose for a "then" and "now" perspective.

According to Chris, "I don’t think anyone else has tracked down so many strangers and recreated photos in this way before.” It took “tenacious detective work, meticulous planning and, often, unbelievable coincidences,” but the results are a fascinating look at how people have changed – or not changed -as the case may be.

Chris has put all of these photos and stories into a book titled Reunions. You can buy it here.


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