Photos Of People Who’ve Fallen Down Among All Their Belongings


Photographer Sandro Giordoan has created a hilarious photo series of people who look like they’ve just taken terrible falls, spilling all their stuff around them in a “yard sale” of sorts.

They’re not just silly images – there’s a message about materialism behind them. As Giordoan explains, “Each shot ‘tells’ about worn out characters who, as if a sudden black-out of mind and body took over, let themselves crash with no attempt to save themselves, unable, because of the fatigue of the everyday ‘representation’ of living, oppressed by ‘appearance’ instead of simply ‘existing.’”

in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-1 in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-2 in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-3 in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-5

in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-6 in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-7 in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-8 in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-9 in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-10 in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-11

in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-12 in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-13 in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-14 in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-15 in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-17 in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-18 in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-sandro-giordano-19

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    1. What is not amusing and not art to you may not be the same for everyone else. You have written your opinion as a statement. I suggest you rephrase it since you are not entitled to deciding what is or is not art, only what you THINK is or is not art. Try again.

      Note: Notice how I have not said anything against your opinion, only that the way your sentence is written is not technically correct.

      1. Nice civilized response Vivendel – I appreciate your pointing out this is a statement. It IS a statement of my opinion which is the only one I have – as I am not in a position to decide if this should be displayed as art.

        What I see in these pictures is a series of staged accidents supposedly of people weighed down by “all their belongings”. .There are in fact very few belongings in each picture and in the second one, we see just a driver falling out of a car surrounded by empty bottles. Not a lot of belongings in that one. More a depiction of a tragic accident, sans blood..

        The whole series reminds me of the popular “fail” videos, At least be honest and title it something like Schadenfreude (the feeling of joy or pleasure when one sees another fail or suffer misfortune)

        1. From “esoteric” to “Schadenfreude” already. Remarkable progress if you’re doing it alphabetically. You’ll be at “snob” soon, that’ll be something reminding you of something.

      2. Is there anything as tiring as a mouth breather who needs to halt a discussion to remind people that the things they express are really just their opinions? What a staggering insight.

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