Photos of Unhappy Boyfriends Modeling Their Girlfriends’ Etsy Creations

Sad Etsy Boyfriends is a Tumblr blog dedicated to photos of unhappy boyfriends who have been roped into modeling their girlfriends’ creations on Etsy.

Not much else to say here… just scroll down and grimace…






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One Comment

  1. I have seen much worse. On a brighter note, at least these creations are part of a sustainable movement that has successfully revived crafts, skills and hobbies (i.e., knitting, crocheting, weaving, pottery, etc.), and engenders an industry of self reliance, homemaking and the very standards of excellence that reinforced better living through learning a craft. Mind you, the Etsy movement is simply reaffirming the basic skills and tools that allowed home economics to thrive and flourish throughout the mid-twentieth century–before mindless consumerism, global marketplaces and shabby imports that are disposable and worthless. So, guys, the more you revolt, the greater visibility you promote in wearing (and openly displaying) the very crafts, and handmade knits and designs by your respective girlfriends, that you claim to abhor–many of which aren’t half bad, compared to ‘Made in China!’

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