Psychologist Discovers What Dogs Dream About When They’re Asleep

Everyone who has a dog will be familiar with the amusing sight of their beloved pet frantically moving his or her paws around as they sleep as if chasing after an imaginary cat.

But what do dogs actually dream about? Maybe it’s tasty food or their favorite toys? Scientists at Harvard recently found the answer to this fascinating question.

According to the latest research, dogs often dream about the people they’re most attached to — that is, their owners. Here’s an explanation from Dr. Deirdre Barrett:

“People dream about what worried them most during the day but in a vague and illogical format. We have no reason to believe that animals are any different. Bearing in mind that dogs can become extremely attached to people, then it’s most likely that your pet is dreaming of your face, your smell, and how happy he makes you. Alternatively, your dog may dream about doing something that annoys you.”

As you might expect, people weren’t left unaffected when they heard this news, and they have begun uploading photographs of their sleeping pets along with emotional comments. Many people have been so touched by the revelation that their pet dreams about them that they just can’t hold back the tears. And we can all understand why. It’s such a heartwarming thing to know that your dog remains completely devoted to you even when he’s asleep!

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