Rainbow Joes Are Tiny Army Men Toy Soldiers In Rainbow Colors

If you’re like us and liked toy soldiers as a kid, you’ll love Rainbow Joes which come in all colors.

Concepted and designed by Dan Abramson, each Rainbow Joe is made up of 9 practitioners striking yoga poses. Unlike classic Yoga Joes, each set features a cast of many colors, “with the end pieces in the same color, and the remaining 7 figures ordered spectrally across.” Line them up on their tiny bamboo floor, and watch a relaxing rainbow appear.

If you’re keen to buy your very own Rainbow Joes, head over to HERE.

  1. Rainbow Joes put a playful and polychromatic spin on traditional Army men toys.


  2. artFido

  3. A special edition of Yoga Joes, these colorful action figures produce a dazzling rainbow as they practice their poses.


  4. artFido

  5. As a fun bonus, each set’s color combination is a surprise!


  6. artFido

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