Rainy Day Wedding Photos Made Good With Spectacular Backlighting


Wedding photography has become breathtakingly beautiful, especially for those couples that don’t mind getting a little wet. More and more, brides and grooms along with their daring photographers have stepped out into the snow or rain to capture stunning wedding photos. The use of natural or artificial light from behind creates a romantic look while creating a dreamy, ethereal effect on the couple.

Hoffer Photography claims to have brought this backlit photo trend to wedding photography saying, “It’s been flattering to see how the photography community has embraced the backlit rain trend. While we’ve never claimed that we invented backlighting rain, we’re happy to have been the start of the wedding photography trend. We’ve seen some amazing photos using the technique and it’s been really fun to see what people are trying. Who would have thought that when Maria & Eric decided to take one last shot in the parking lot, it would result in a whole new photography trend.” (Pictured immediately below.)

Time is of the essence when you’re shooting in bad weather as Hoffer states, “We’ve shot in hurricanes, blizzards and complete downpours, but it’s helpful to be realistic about it. A downpour is the best looking kind of rain, but you really can only get a few seconds at a time before everything (equipment included) gets completely ruined.”

Of course, each of these couples needs to be bold enough to stand in the snow or the rain. Especially the bride, who has her wedding dress to worry about. As Federer says about his couple Eric and Emily based in Minnetonka, “It was supposed to rain all day on Emily and Eric’s wedding. Not that I’d ever wish rain on someone’s wedding day, but when that happens I certainly get a chance to get unique shots… and you really just have to make the best of it. And Eric and Emily really did…Their willingness to spend a few minutes out in the rain (some of which was umbrella-less in a deluge) was awesome. It’s not often I basically get told ‘whatever, I don’t care if we get wet’ by a bride on her wedding day….”

Above: Garrett Hubbard Studios

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