Reimagined “Game of Thrones” Characters All Played by Nicolas Cage

Who does the internet love more… Nicolas Cage or Game of Thrones? What about Nicolas Cage IN Game of Thrones?!

Now you can have both as Redditor CarlosDanger100 has reimagined Games of Thrones’ iconic characters by Photoshopping their faces for that of the Internet’s favorite actor, Nicolas Cage, and the resulting collection is hilariously captivating. Some are more successful photo edits than others, but all are undoubtedly entertaining.

You’ve got them all: Cage as Daenerys Targaryen, a befuddled Bran Stark, a ruminative Jaime Lannister, and a brooding Jon Snow. He makes an especially striking stand-in for Stannis Baratheon.

What’s your favorite?


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