Renowned Artist Asking Aussies to Bare All in the Name of Art

Spencer Tunick, renowned contemporary artist, is inviting you to pose nude in one of the cities busiest shopping strips, for a series of new major installations.

Running fromthe 7th to the 10th of July, the Chapel Streets precinctis set to be transformed as hundreds of naked bodies line the street in the name of art.

Tunick “usesthe nude body as raw material to intervene and transform a chosen site” andhopes his pieces will challenge traditionally held views on nudity and privacy,as well as draw attention to political and social issues surrounding art in thepublic sphere.

His works are a battle of nature against culture played out in various backdrops. Thistime, it’s Chapel Street. Other pieces have seen Tunick travel all over theworld, from Mexico City where 18,000 people posed in the principal square, tothe Bavarian State Opera House in Germany.

This is notthe first time the New-York artist has asked Australians to bare their birthdaysuits publicly – bar cosmetic body paint- with a (then record-breaking) 4500naked people lining the banks of the Yarra in 2001 and another 5000 in front ofthe Sydney Opera House during Mardi Gras in 2010.

With a special focus on the naked human form, Tunick has photographed over 75installations around the world since 1994. Despite being arrested more than 5times for his (very) public work, Tunick continues to create “architecture ofthe flesh” and wow the world with his captivating and provoking pieces.

Rain, hailor shine, prepare yourself for July 2018: #ReturnOfTheNude.

Below are some of Tunicks most notable works. Will you be in the next one?























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