Rescue Kittens Get an Adorable Newborn Photo Shoot to Help Them Get Adopted

When Brandy Suppi noticed a stray tabby near her home in McAlester, Oklahoma, she got a new furrbaby. Soon after, Suppi gained the cat’s trust—an act solidified by what happened next. “Two days after I started feeding her,” Suppi recalled, “she brought me her kittens and wrapped them in a blanket on the porch. I think Mama knew we would help her.”

With the five felines safe and sheltered, Suppi continued her quest to help them. She took the cats to the vet where they got a clean bill of health. While that was great news, the caveat was that Suppi couldn’t adopt the brood, as her family already has four rescue dogs. So she decided to do the next best thing, which was to find homes for the cats. Suppi knew that a creative solution would help spread the word, so she tapped her friend Heather Scott of LaMon Photography for a special project.

Animals are often part of Scott’s work, and she didn’t hesitate to help Suppi. “She sent me a picture of these kittens that the mama cat brought to her porch,” Scott said. “I immediately said we need a newborn shoot!” Scott styled the babies just like humans; the siblings were tucked in soft, cozy blankets and lined up in a crib. They have adorable, sleepy expressions, but that’s not all. Scott picked one of the kittens to swaddle in a floral blanket and even made a flower crown for its tiny head. The results, which include mom in a couple of the shots, are almost too cute for words.

The images are meant for more than us to simply coo over. They are intended to promote the adoption of the kittens and mother. “We are advertising to give these little ones the absolute best chance possible at a beautiful, loving future,” Scott said. Anyone interested in taking in one (or more) of these felines can get in touch with Suppi via Facebook. “My requirement is a loving home,” she said. “And that the adopter prepay for shots and spay or neuter at the vet of their choice.”

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  2. After rescuing a mama cat and her babies, Brandy Suppi tapped her friend Heather Scott of LaMon Photograph to create an adorable cat newborn photo shoot.


  3. The sweet photos are intended to help the felines get adopted.


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  7. One of the kittens even has a tiny floral crown!


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