Salvador Dalí’s Rare ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Illustrations Are Finally Reissued

On canvas and paper, Salvador Dalí created apparently nonsensical realities that nevertheless operated according to logic all their own. In writing, Lewis Carroll, author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, did the very same. It thus only makes sense, despite their differences in nationality and sensibility as well as their barely overlapping life spans, that their artistic worlds, would one day collide.

It happened in 1969, when an editor at Random House commissioned the master surrealist to create illustrations for an exclusive edition of Carroll’s timeless story for the house’s book-of-the-month club. Only 2,700 of the edition were printed, and the artist signed each original etching. They sold out immediately, and the prices have since skyrocketed.

50 years later, and Dalí lovers can rejoice in knowing that Princeton University Press recently reissued an affordable copy. But they will surely sell out again, so get a copy while you can!

You can buy your own copy by going HERE.



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