Satirical And Humorous Illustrations That Perfectly Depict Today’s Society

What’s wrong with today’s society is a popular topic of discussion these days. Usually, technology is at the heart of the issue, but illustrators John Holcroft and Steve Cutts prove modern society is even more problematic than we thought.

John Holcroft is a retro illustrator based in England who creates simple 50s inspired art to illustrate serious subjects. You can see more of John Holcroft’s illustrations at

Steve Cutts is also an illustrator based in London, England whose artwork focuses on satirizing modern excesses. His style inspiration ranges from 1930s and 40s cartoons to modern comic books. If you want to see more, go to Steve Cutt’s page

Although on opposite ends stylistically, both artists successfully employ cutting, satirical messages in their work. With the current state of modern society, it’s no surprise these two artists are full of material.

Here’s a collection of their work. Which do you feel is most accurate?


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