Spectacular “Eyescape” Photography Of Weddings Reflected in the Eyes of Guests


The world of wedding photography can be a stressful business.  The photos of the day, after all, will be a reminder to the bride and groom of one of the most special days in their life.

Taking the job to the next level is photographer Peter Adams-Shawn who takes unique wedding photos by capturing the reflections of the day in the eye of the guests. He calls this meticulous and unique method “Eyescapes.”

Peter achieves these amazing captures by looking for the right angle, the right lighting, and of course getting right up in the face of the wedding guests. Peter says he has often been accused of manipulating or ‘photoshopping’ the images to achieve the desired look, however he always has the raw images to prove his point. “One other secret – the best frames I’ve captured have had the subject smiling,” he said in an interview.“This relaxes the shot, brings natural creases in the eyes, and even this close, you can tell the subject is smiling.”

eye-reflection-wedding-photography-eye(1) eye-reflection-wedding-photography-eye(2) eye-reflection-wedding-photography-eye(3) eye-reflection-wedding-photography-eye(5) eye-reflection-wedding-photography-eye(6) eye-reflection-wedding-photography-eye(7) eye-reflection-wedding-photography-eye(8)

eye-reflection-wedding-photography-eye(9) eye-reflection-wedding-photography-eye(10) eye-reflection-wedding-photography-eye(11) eye-reflection-wedding-photography-eye(12) eye-reflection-wedding-photography-eye(13) eye-reflection-wedding-photography-eyescapes

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  1. So cool. I believe him, because I do this myself. I love the repeating pattern! How the heck did he get that one?! Now I need to go play with more eye shots. Wait “eyescapes”. At least now we have something to call them besides “that’s so cool!”. :)

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