Starry Night Painted in Miniature on a PUMPKIN SEED by Salavat Fidai

Pumpkin Seeds

We’re lucky at artFido to be able to share the most amazingly talented art and artists from around the world with you. Every now and then, however, we discover something that truly blows our little minds.

Russian miniature artist Salavat Fidai is one such example.  Having mastered the art of pencil-head carving (see images below), Salavat recently tried his hand at painting intricate artworks on the tiniest of canvases… PUMPKIN SEEDS! And if you’re going to try and do the impossible, why not paint the famous ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent van Gogh?

And just in case you don’t think it’s possible, we recorded it for you so you can see it being painted from start to finish!

Be sure to follow Salavat on INSTAGRAM. His works are also for sale HERE.

Music credits: Mike Metro ft. Livingstone & Simon Milan – Start To Dance

Pumpkin Seeds3

Pumpkin Seeds2






IMG_2787-1 IMG_2846-2


IMG_2270-w2 IMG_2318-2HD IMG_2367-w IMG_2414-1ABCDw

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE!

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