Starving Stray Dog Is Rescued and Taken to Pet-Friendly Restaurants All Over LA

Three years ago, Popeye was a stray living on the streets. He was filthy, his fur was matted and he weighed almost nothing. Popeye's life was pretty dismal – until he met his new mom and dad. Ivy Diep and her husband found Popeye when he was about a year old. They were unable to find his previous owners and knew they couldn't leave the stray pup starving on the streets, and so they adopted Popeye into their family.

Popeye's parents had always been huge foodies – and even have their own family restaurant – so when Popeye joined the family, he began accompanying them on their many restaurant excursions.

"We ate out a lot and would take pictures of our food," Diep told The Dodo. "When Popeye joined the family, he always wanted to tag along with us, and we realized that he was really well-behaved around food and our food pics started to include him."

Popeye now has an Instagram account with more than 100,000 followers, completely dedicated to pictures of his different outings at restaurants all over Los Angeles.

"There are lots of pet-friendly restaurants in L.A.," Diep said. "Because the weather is pretty mild, many restaurants have outdoor patio seating, which mostly allows dogs."

In his three years with his new family, Popeye has been to every kind of restaurant imaginable. Scroll down to see some of his favorite meals!


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