Street Artist Turns Ordinary Public Places Into Funny Installations

Australian artist Michael Pedersen is a bit different from your normal street artist. He likes to place his humorous street art installations in unexpected places. 

Using public spaces as his backdrop, Michael's project Miguel Marquez Outside looks at the urban landscape from a different perspective. 

“I can't remember exactly what originally inspired me to do these outdoor projects, but it had been in the back of my mind for quite some time before I started,” Pederson tells My Modern Met. “I had a small drawing show a few years ago which featured images and text. One of the pieces was also placed in a more public context and seemed to work better that way. Placing something unexpected out on the street can have a powerful element of surprise. It really got me hooked, and I've wanted to explore street interventions ever since.”

Here are some of our favorite installations from Miguel Marquez Outside. What are yours?


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