Street Artist Uses Plastic Wrap To Paint Giant Animals In The Forest

Evgeny Ches is a graffiti and contemporary artist from Moscow, Russia.

Inspired by the work of French artists Kanos and Astro, Evgeny uses a technique he calls CelloGraff, where he stretches cellophane around two trees, to spray paint his murals onto the plastic wrap.

His latest installation occurred deep in a Moscow forest, and here are the images. Let us know your favorites!

  1. Graffiti artist uses a technique called CelloGraff to create life-like animal murals on plastic wrap in the forest.


  2. artFido

  3. artFido

  4. By not painting backgrounds, Ches’s graffiti animals appear to fit into the natural environment.


  5. artFido

  6. artFido

  7. Watch Ches create his Cellograffiti Dinosaur, and learn how you can create your own CelloGraff art.




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