Stunning Images From the 2017 Bird Photographer of the Year Awards

The Bird Photographer of the Year 2017 has just closed, and the stunning photo above by Alejandro Prieto Rojas was declared the overall winner. For its second edition, this photo contest was dedicated to the photography of birds.

Organized by Nature Photographers and the British Trust for Ornithology, the Bird Photographer of the Year contest is dedicated to raising public awareness for the conservation of endangered species, and helping to finance the actions of these organizations.

Here are the rest of the finalists. What are your favorites?

© Tom Hines
© Markus Varesvuo
© Andy Parkinson
© Staffan Widstrand
© Georgina Steytler
© Ahmad Alessa
© Jamie Hall
© Torsten Green Petersen
© Ben Hall
© Bret Charman
© Daniel Stenberg
© Markus Varesvuo
© Ben Andrew
© Georgina Steytler
© John Sherman
© Magdalena Strakova
© Kelvin Dao
© Marc Weber
© Malek Alhazzaa
© Markus Varesvuo
© Pal Hermansen
© Roy Rimmer

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