Stunning Macro Photography of Native Bees and Other Insects


The USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program develop identification tools and keys for native bee species.

As part of this process, they compile accurate and detailed pictures of native bees and the plants and insects they interact with. On Flickr, the USGS BIML has uploaded a staggering collection of over 2,600 high-resolution photographs that are in the public domain and can be freely downloaded and used as you please.

Be sure to check out the entire collection on Flickr, the photos are amazing.

close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-2 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-3 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-4 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-5 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-6

close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-7 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-8 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-9 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-10 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-11 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-12 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-13 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-14

close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-15 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-16 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-17 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-18 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-19 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-20 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-21 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-22 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-23 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-24 close-ups-of-insect-eyes-by-usgs-biml-25

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