Stunning Pen Drawings Created with Thousands of Tiny Dots!


Using thousands upon thousands of tiny dots, Spider Money produces gorgeous artworks that are awe-inspiring in their detail. The Bangkok-based creative wields a mighty Micron pen and draws fancy flourishes with photo-realistic depictions of eyes, noses, and lips. It’s in these facial features that Spider Money employs her “dot-drawing technique.” She individually dabs the minuscule marks onto the paper and repeats the tedious motion until things take on a shaded form.

There’s a beautiful juxtaposition that comes from Spider Money’s drawing style. Since the highly-realized is paired with the decorative, they could look like totally separate elements on the page. The artist has instead blended them together, and it’s as if the flourishes are a stunning mask for these mysterious faces.

In addition to the living, Spider Money often draws skulls. They could normally read as eerie, but that isn’t the case here. Instead, the Art Nouveau-inspired designs are an exquisite addition that breathes soul into the bones.









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