Stunning Portraits of Redheads Captured in Their Stunning RedheadedNess!


Photographer Maja Topagic likes redheads.  And it’s clear why. She takes the most spectacular photographs of them. Long hair, freckles, flowers, and more often then not, surrounded by a summer’s bounty of flowers. There’s youth and energy in every picture, the colors are vibrant, and it’s a pleasure to behold.

Sometimes images are far more powerful than words.  This is one such instance.

redhead-women-portraits-maja-topcagic-bosnia-herzegovina-1 redhead-women-portraits-maja-topcagic-bosnia-herzegovina-2 redhead-women-portraits-maja-topcagic-bosnia-herzegovina-3 redhead-women-portraits-maja-topcagic-bosnia-herzegovina-6

redhead-women-portraits-maja-topcagic-bosnia-herzegovina-7 redhead-women-portraits-maja-topcagic-bosnia-herzegovina-8 redhead-women-portraits-maja-topcagic-bosnia-herzegovina-9 redhead-women-portraits-maja-topcagic-bosnia-herzegovina-10 redhead-women-portraits-maja-topcagic-bosnia-herzegovina-13

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