Stunning Portraits Reveal the Powerful Movements of Dance


Studio dance photographer Alexander Yakovlev creates stunning portraits of professional dancers that are brought to life with the use of airborne flour. Yakovlev doesn’t only utilize this powdery element to make his images pop, he has also created a portfolio that allows black and white to meet color, ballet to meet break dance, and stationary poses to meet energetic, mid-air freeze frames. In embracing these differing components of his work, the photographer is also embracing the various forms of dance itself.

In each photo, dancers are shown in poses that reflect the elegance of their bodily movements. The use of flour helps to enhance this feature by enabling each position to stand out and to demonstrate the beauty of both dance and the powerful human body. This is especially apparent in the portrait “Big Bang Theory,” which perfectly represents the passionate nature of Yakovlev’s captivating work.

Dance1 dancer and flour dancer and flour Dance4

Dance5 Dance6 dancerportraitsdancephotographyalexanderyakovlev61

dancerportraitsdancephotographyalexanderyakovlev121 dancerportraitsdancephotographyalexanderyakovlev161

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