Stunningly Designed Staircases That Are a Step Above All the Rest

Staircases are the spine of the home. For some, they are simply a mechanism to get from one level to another, but for others, they are much, much more.

There are substantial building rules around staircase design – for example, whether your flight of stairs is sufficiently long that you’ll need a landing; the dimensions for the riser (the vertical distance between each tread) and the 'going' (the distance horizontally from the front of each tread to the riser); and the height of your balustrade above the pitch of the stairs, on landings and above voids.

Keeping the rules and regulations in mind and adding beauty into the mix is therefore no easy task. Fortunately there are some very talented designers and builders who have taken it upon themselves to turn the simple staircase into an extraordinary artwork.

Scroll down to view a collection of our all-time-favorite staircases that will help you plot out your own grand entrance.

What’s your favorite?


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