Surfer Attempts To Go Surfing During The Polar Vortex And This Is The Result

As you've probably heard, the polar vortex is reaking havoc across the United States.

Despite this, when you're a surfer, a wave is a wave. While most were spending the end of January rocking 17 layers of clothing in front of their fireplaces, Daniel Schetter (also known as “Surfer Dan”) wasn’t taking a day off. It was business as usual for the local legend from Marquette County, Michigan, and luckily photographer Devon Hains was there to capture it.

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    “The photos were shot two days last week, Sunday, January 27 and Wednesday, January 30th,” Hains said. “The photos feature both Surfer Dan and Allen Finau. They were shot at Presque Isle Park in Marquette Michigan on Lake Superior. The temperature for the Sunday shoot got down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit (-34°C) with the windchill.”

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    “I’m not very experienced with surfing at all,” he said. “I’ve only tried a few times with Surfer Dan. He’s the experienced surfer and also the feature of my photos. I mostly photograph Dan from a safe spot on shore.”

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    The ‘safe spot’ wasn’t so safe this time, though. “As the photographer, the most challenging part was being able to see through my viewfinder. The cold windchill caused my eyes to water a lot and it would freeze in my eyelashes. The cold air temperature meant I couldn’t exhale with my face raised to my camera because it would cause a layer of water vapor from my breath to freeze over my viewfinder and sometimes my lens.”

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    “I’ve photographed Dan surfing in both sub-zero temperatures and pretty intense waves. Each time I feel a little concerned but I’m confident he knows his limits and it shows when he gets out there.”

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