Tadashi Kawamata – Turning Trash Into Sculptural Treasures

Consisting of thousands of found objects, construction materials and other life refuse, the stunning art installations of Tadashi Kawamata are gritty, in-your-face, urban creations. Built entirely in situation, these site-specific, twisting, morphing pieces of reconstituted life seem to engulf and redefine the public spaces they inhabit.

Tadashi Kawamata‘s early work focused on construction and deconstruction. Commonly installed in highly populated, concrete  environments, these monumental pieces challenged the open space with structures and forms composed of materials traditionally ignored but impossible to miss when brought together in massive installations. These artful creations are even harder to miss when they involve towering stacks of objects and impose themselves upon semi-sacred and highly public squares and spaces.

Found Art Recycled Tadashi Kawamata artFido 2

Recently, Kawamata has been busy creating eye-catching urban treehouses. Like birds nests, these structures appear chaotic, haphazard, organic and out of place in a highly-planned environment or against the backdrop of classic architectural forms and masonry materials.

Found Art Recycled Tadashi Kawamata artFido 3

Now that we’ve whetted your whistle with the imposing installations of Tadashi Kawamata, take a moment to check out some of the art that’s available and currently trending on artFido.


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