Tal Peleg is Back With More Extraordinary Eye Makeup Creations!


When we last saw professional makeup artist Tal Peleg (see HERE), she had just started stretching the boundaries of traditional eye makeup to make something a little more creative.

As a result of our blog she went completely viral, and has come along in leaps and bounds since.  She’s now created quite a collection of stunning eyeworks, and some of our favorites are below.

What’s your favorite?

Anti-Bullying-talpeleg__605 Baymax-talpeleg__605 Black-cat-talpeleg__605 Cat-and-Dog-talpeleg__605 Cats-Yin-and-Yang-talpeleg__605 creative-make-up-eye-art-tal-peleg-8 creative-make-up-eye-art-tal-peleg-9 Eye-art__605 Eye-art1__605

Eye-art3__605 Eye-art4__605 Eye-art7__605 Eye-art9__605 Eye-art11__605 Eye-art14__605 Fruity-eye-talpeleg__605 Ginger-cat-talpeleg__605 Penguin-talpeleg__605 rapunzel-talpeleg__605 The-eye-is-my-canvas.__605 The-eye-is-my-canvas.1__605 The-eye-is-my-canvas.2__605 The-eye-is-my-canvas.4__605 The-eye-is-my-canvas.5__605 The-eye-is-my-canvas.6__605 And don't forget, if you're looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE!


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