The Art of Makeup In Asia Will Make You Reconsider What You Know About Everything

Makeup artists have to be considered true artists in this day and age where more and more people are trying to conform to what society considers as ‘beautiful’.

For better or worse, it has become a real skill to transform someone into someone completely different.

After the rise of social media, the cult of beauty has become so important that some people even go an extra mile to look pretty just for the appearance on the internet.

In different parts of Asia, e.g. China, some people have gone to a whole new level of artistic creativity when it comes to makeup. For some women, makeup now means not only just highlighting their existing features, but also creating new ones with the help of fake skin extensions, fake eyelashes, etc.

The video below, that went viral a few days ago, shows the process of Asian women removing their “sculpted” faces, and most of them become completely unrecognizable. Scroll down to see it for yourself and let us know your opinion about this in the comments below!


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