The Art of Self Discovery

Metanioa: It’s a Greek word meaning a transformative change of heart; especially : a spiritual conversion. Almost immediately I thought of self discovery

Sometimes you have to isolate yourself to find yourself. Remove your emotions. Discover the truth.

Here is the dictionary definition of Self Discovery: the act or process of achieving self-knowledge

I am a self taught artist who loves natures photography. As I improved my art, I learned that I was also discovering my self through my artwork. I believe that art tells the story of the artist behind that work. I mean why create art if your not going to get something from that art piece.  If you do something with passion, it will always be worth it!

Here are a series of photos that I have taken paired with a quote that I have written and a bible verse.

Remove the people. Discover the truth. Isolate your mind. Isolate your heart. Discover the truth. Find yourself. ~ Abby(purelifephotoss)

By the grace of God, I am what I am. – Corinthians 25:10

Sometimes you must isolate yourself completely to discover whats the most important to you! Yes, we have bad times and wish to be left alone. That alone time is important, it allows you to think about life, about your hopes, about your needs.

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