THE ART PLUG: Marcel Katz, the guy with a magic eye for art

It is official, 30 year-old Miami based art dealer and art agent, Marcel Katz has become the youngest Salvador Dali dealer in the world.

With an eye and sensibility for arts, Marcel Katz has an undeniable flair for identifying and connecting with today’s best artistic talents all around the globe and is naturally gifted in finding the hottest art works proven to be today’s most attractive reference for the younger generation of art collectors and admirers as well as celebrities.

Marcel Katz’s has an innate talent for “plugging” artists on the road to success with access to works from over 50 artists including names such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Basquiat, Takashi Murakami, Mr. Brainwash, Kaws, Jeff Koons, Robert Indiana, Aholsniffsglue, CB Hoyo, Mister E, Arinze, Chad Knight, Zevi G, Robin Velghe (@RhymezLikeDimez, who just finished illustrating Pharell and Lil Uzi Verts newest music video), DetroitWick, John Paul Fauves and recent Instagram sensation Ketnipz, who gains an incredible 2,000 followers on instagram daily.

And now Salvador Dali adds itself to such list.

The Art Plug agency he created in 2015, provides bespoke solutions to a wide range of art-related needs. Together with the lifestyle arts publisher Monsieur Marcel, his gallery and art dealership Marcel Katz Art, The Art Plug forms a conglomerate of art-based companies. All three entities provide a range of services and experiences related to the art-industry, all with a unique touch.

Katz’s creative force goes further, in addition to assisting independent artists break into the art world, he is often the influential connector between them and today’s popular culture.

For Miami Art Week 2017, Katz participated at SCOPE Miami Beach and brought to the scene the first Nigerian hyperrealism artists Arinze Stanley and Ayo Filade. He also curated a sold out group show titled “Mood Swings” featuring 20+ influential, trendsetting artists, both local and international at Oliver Cole Gallery.

Last January, Katz curated four areas of attraction and activations in the 21st edition of Art Palm Beach art fair including “Mood Swings”, “Fake Fulfilment Center” by Shawn Kolodny, “These Are Not Photos” by Ayo Filade and Arinze Stanley, and “Raise The Caliber” by DetroitWick, Black Crow Studios, and The Caliber Foundation.

Known for his popular Art Basel shows in Miami, Marcel Katz brings arts to the entertainment industry through events including names such as D’Angelo Russell, Lil’ Wayne, Meyhem Lauren, DRAM, Miley Cyrus, Jermaine Dupree.

Marcel Katz sees in art, a universal voice that transcends time and space.

Some of the collaborations he initiated, include creating targeted marketing campaigns incorporating artistic talents from his unique eclectic portfolio to renowned brands.

One of his last collaborations, was at Chotto Matte the new hottest spot in Miami which has an artistic energy curated by Katz.

The canvas covering the walls have been painted by Gustavo Oviedo and AholSniffsGlue in the first 2 weeks of April 2018.

Even though they had collaborated in many public walls previously this is the first time they work together on a commission of such a considerable size. Gustavo’s abstract shapes blend into Ahol’s iconic eye patterns in a way that the 2 murals become one cohesive piece.

Through his bold approach and devotion to arts, Katz is willing to takes risks for the artists he represents while staying humble and true to his creative guts.

The Marcel Katz Art gallery boasts today a roster of over 70 artists, trading in everything from painting, sculpture and photography to limited edition prints while retaining a vital online footprint on industry-vetted websites Artsy and Artnet.

Upcoming collaborations include Marcel Katz curating the next ROLLING LOUD MUSIC FESTIVAL (The largest hip hop festival in the world) where artists such as Gucci Ghost, CB Hoyo, Ketnipz and Nychos will be represented. Also an installation for Burning Man which includes a massive 20ft Zevi G sculpture.

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