The Artist Who Paints With Their Fingers Only… and is Bellissimo!

Southern Italian artist Paolo Troilo lives and works in Milan. Troilo’s explosive paintings are created without any brushes and instead he uses only his hands and jars of black and ivory acrylic paints. He consistently depicts himself as the only subject in his work. Troilo states that this change of technique occurred in 2004 when “I did it with my hands because I… forgot to buy the brushes!”

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  1. Is the fifth pic’ censored ? If so, by whom? This is no criticism of the work. which is I think very powerful and tactile to the mind. One can “feel” the life in the flesh; the fist,I get texture of mahogany-and the weight.

  2. He is a great artist. Ellen, you do not have to like him, because it doesn’t fit your idea of what art is, but making art is like making love; it’s a different experience for each individual. How you get your rocks off is your business. Only the artist has a right to his expression. We the viewer get get what ever we want from it. If your an artist, show us, maybe your art will connect with some, but not all, and that’s ok.

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