The Best Street Art Works From Around the World For 2014


Following on from our very successful post “100 of the Best Street Art Photos for 2013“, we’ve searched the world to find you the best street art works from around the world for the first quarter of 2014…

Some will make you laugh, some will make you think, and some will make you ask “what the?”…enjoy!

Inventive-Street-Art-01 Inventive-Street-Art-02 Inventive-Street-Art-03

Inventive-Street-Art-04 Inventive-Street-Art-06

Inventive-Street-Art-07 Inventive-Street-Art-08 Inventive-Street-Art-09 Inventive-Street-Art-10 Inventive-Street-Art-11 Inventive-Street-Art-12 Inventive-Street-Art-13

Inventive-Street-Art-14 Inventive-Street-Art-16

Inventive-Street-Art-17 Inventive-Street-Art-18 Inventive-Street-Art-19 Inventive-Street-Art-20 Inventive-Street-Art-21

Inventive-Street-Art-22 Inventive-Street-Art-23 Inventive-Street-Art-24 Inventive-Street-Art-25 Inventive-Street-Art-26 Inventive-Street-Art-27 Inventive-Street-Art-28 Inventive-Street-Art-29

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  1. This is wonderful. Trouble seeing pictures though as they go into a sort of fog. I know there are reasons for this . To a busy person it is an annoyance.

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