The Billboard Campaign To Promote The New Grinch Movie Is Hilariously Roasting Various Cities Of America

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you will know that the new Grinch movie is back and he’s meaner than ever!

The Christmas classic remake landed at the box office on November 10th and was a big hit. It earned $66million during the opening weekend and has one of the best viral billboard campaigns we’ve ever seen! These ads are targeted at the citizens of cities like New York and Los Angeles.

People definitely couldn’t turn away when they saw green billboards showing this grouchy character frowning at them and making mildly-offensive commentary. And despite being mean, these ads are completely on point and managed to reach a surprising target audience – millennials.

According to Hollywood Reporter, 18 percent of ticket buyers on the opening night were between ages 18-24.

Scroll down to see the billboards below!



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