The Chipmunks Strike Back in This Playful Star Wars Photo Shoot


“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” Well not that long ago and in the backyard of artist Chris McVeigh‘s parent’s house, a whimsical series that pairs adorable chipmunks with tiny toys from Star Wars was created. Called Chipmunk Adventures, the photographs show these plastic action figures interacting with the small creatures in fun and playful ways. Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers take joyrides on their backs, while an Ewok is considerably less friendly and points a spear at one critter, taking it by surprise. But in a cute gesture of good faith, Chewbacca offers a rodent an almond, which it happily accepts.

And in case you were wondering, according to Chris:

“And in case there is any doubt, I want to assure you that these pictures are real and not clever composites made in Photoshop. Chipmunks can be very easy to get along with, once you’ve taken the time to befriend them.”

chipmunk9 chipmunk8 chipmunk7 chipmunk6 chipmunk5 chipmunk4

chipmunk3 chipmunk2

(h/t mymodernmet)

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