The Cutest Illustrations Of Idioms’ Literal Meanings


Keren Rosen has been enamored with drawing since she was 8 years old. She even built wings and tried to fly, but that didn’t pan out well. Therefore, Rosen went to Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel, where she majored in Industrial Design. After the graduation, she joined Fabrica, the Benetton Research and Communication Center in Treviso, Italy. Nowadays, she both works and draws stuff for the internet.

Here’s Keren’s latest works which show us idioms’ literal meanings. What happens when you take “rocking chair” or “baking soda” literally? Weird and wonderful illustrations. You’d think that inanimate objects lead more exciting lives than us. Here’s some of our favorites!

literal-meaning-illustrations-proverbs-idioms-keren-rosen-1 literal-meaning-illustrations-proverbs-idioms-keren-rosen-3 literal-meaning-illustrations-proverbs-idioms-keren-rosen-4 literal-meaning-illustrations-proverbs-idioms-keren-rosen-5 literal-meaning-illustrations-proverbs-idioms-keren-rosen-6 literal-meaning-illustrations-proverbs-idioms-keren-rosen-7

literal-meaning-illustrations-proverbs-idioms-keren-rosen-8 literal-meaning-illustrations-proverbs-idioms-keren-rosen-9 literal-meaning-illustrations-proverbs-idioms-keren-rosen-10 literal-meaning-illustrations-proverbs-idioms-keren-rosen-11 literal-meaning-illustrations-proverbs-idioms-keren-rosen-12

literal-meaning-illustrations-proverbs-idioms-keren-rosen-13 literal-meaning-illustrations-proverbs-idioms-keren-rosen-14

(via DeMilked)

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