The Gray Universe

My name is Bronson taylor.. and I'm an artist.

hayy yoo! I love art, You love art. We all love art. And because you love art this is some art that I made yo hoe boe toe tho I was thinking about using a dildo as a stick shift.

 my art comes from a happy place in my soul. I draw my fractal… if you beilvie in SACRED GEOMETRY!! Everything fits together like a puzzle peice. I enjoy scouring the domain of art utensils to figure out the mysteries behind each median.

Have you ever felt the sun?
Acrylic and charcoal

Things always line up like puzzle peices. Even when you feel nothing is flowing, or working the way you want it. That in itself is a perfect feeling. Everything works together to create a whole. Like a fractal folding in on itself.

These are some prismacolor/ acrylic works.

Some charcoal and graphite works of some fine booty.


Do you feel my vibe?

This is a mural I’m doing, this is the only picture I have of it at the moment.

If you looked all the way through I hope you enjoye. I draw my soul, and only use a reference when it comes to studying the figure. I enjoy making art, and want it to be seen.

If you like my work please follow me on Instagram @lubed_squid. I would love some feed back!

If you would like to buy a print, or the original of any of the work I’ve show above feel free to email me at [email protected], or via my insta. also feel free to ask if you would like custom work done.. im always up for a project.

Thank you.




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