The Guggenheim Museum Releases More Than 200 Modern Art Books Online To Download FOR FREE

If you love Modern Art like we do, then you’re in for an absolute treat as The Guggenheim Museum in New York has just released more than 200 books about modern art which you can download FOR FREE online.

You can also download them all in PDF or ePub formats—FOR FREE—at the Internet Archive.

For the past 6 years the museum has been painstakingly digitizing its exhibition catalogs and art books, and they are all now available to access for free online. If you’re interested in some art history, you have titles like Picasso and the War Years and Expressionism, a German intuitionYou could also check out the first English translation of Kandinsky’s On the spiritual in art

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    The downloadable collection also includes catalogs of retrospective exhibitions on masters like Paul Klee, Robert Rauschenberg, Max Ernst, Francis Bacon, and Mark Rothko. Or you can dig deeper into Chinese art in the 20th century and the craftsmen of ancient Peru.

    To prepare you for a future visit to the Guggenheim, you could also familiarise yourself with the collection by checking out sculpture and works on paper and Masterpieces from the Guggenheim Collection: From Picasso to Pollock

    Who doesn't like free stuff, after all? 

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