The Magical Beauty Of Mushrooms Captured By Jill Bliss

Artist Jill Bliss resides on a small Pacific Northwestern island within the Salish Sea. She used to work as a designer in San Francisco and New York and was very successful at it. However, she missed being with nature so she sold almost everything she owned and moved to this island for a fresh start. Now she likes to photograph beautiful things that she finds in nature, such as wild mushrooms.

The island has many beautiful and colorful mushrooms that grow wild there. Jill got the idea of arranging these mushrooms in an attractive way and then photographing them. She calls this series of photographs “Nature Medleys.” Jill has posted up her photographs on Instagram and she also has an online shop where she sells her photographs too.

After Jill sold her house and possessions, she purchased about ½ an acre of habitable land on the island. She had to use her entire life savings to do this but she has no regrets. There are only 30 households on the island that are lived in all year round.

Jill likes to travel around to the other islands within the sea as well. She’ll stay at remote cabins and become one with the wild animals and the few native people who live around there. Jill creates art, cooks, reads, sleeps, chops wood, kayaks, hikes, and more.


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