The Most Heartwarming Historic Photos To Bring a Smile To Your Face

We've seen a number of very skilled artists of late using the colorization technique to bring color to black and white photos (see HERE and HERE), but today we'd thought we'd focus on historic photos in all their glory.

So we've gone through the archive and dug out some of the most heartwarming and adorable photos from days gone by. From a boy receiving a puppy as a present from his grandad, a hospital-bound girl being cured by ducklings, a Victorian couple cracking up as they try and take the 19th century’s equivalent of a selfie, and many others, these photos will certainly bring a smile to your face.

And best of all, these delightful photos show that despite being from a different era, one things hasn’t changed over the years – it’s still the little things that matter.

Scroll down and vote and comment on your favorites!

(via BoredPanda)


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