The “Barely There” Jumpsuit Wedding Dress is the Latest Trend For Daring Brides

We’re all for brides celebrating their individual style on their big day, especially when it comes to their own wedding attire. So that’s why we’ve loved the trend of the bridal jumpsuit, which is the chicest way for brides to stun… without the fuss of a formal gown. But the newest is a surprising twist on the "barely there" wedding dress, and it’s so sheer, you might freak out a little when you see it.

Spanish bridal label Pronovias specializes in looks that are somehow both edgy andelegant, outfitting brides who truly want to make an entrance on their big day (Maria Menounos just wore a long-sleeved lace gown by the brand for her New Year’s Eve wedding to Keven Undergaro), but their newest bridal jumpsuit is going viral… and we’ve honestly never seen something quite like it.

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    Spanish actress Cristina Pedroche wore the look for her New Year’s Eve celebration, with Pronovias revealing that the jumpsuit had more than 200 crystals embroidered into lace and Chantilly, taking the brand’s creative director, Moreau Herve, and his team over 244 hours to create by hand.

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    Of course, this jumpsuit is not for the faint of heart (in fact, it might stun some relatives!), but it’s definitely a unique look that stands out from a sea of princess ballgowns. Plus, there’s no doubt that your soon-to-be spouse will want to start that honeymoon ASAP… who needs cocktail hour anyway?

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