The Origins of the Universal Hot / Crazy / Emotional Unavailability Matrix For Men AND Women

Relationships are difficult at the best of times. What do you use to judge the dateability of a partner? Many factors are used: height, looks, kindness, wealth, family… the list goes on and on.

And it differs between men and women. For example, as popularized by Barney Stinson in an episode of How I Met Your Mother, some men use the hot-to-crazy matrix.

The Hot / Crazy Scale According to Barney from How I Met Your Mother:


A guy from Tennessee then expanded on Barney’s model, breaking down the many, many nuances of the hot-to-crazy scale. It’s father-to-son wisdom that all men should know, but probably also should be taken with a grain of salt. We couldn’t help but notice the gun he has strapped to his belt, but otherwise his drawing-on-the-whiteboard-while-talking skills are pretty much all there.

The most valuable piece of information? If you find a unicorn, catch it.

The Universal Hot vs Crazy Matrix – a Man’s Guide to Women:


There’s finally a female response: Like the Hot-to-Crazy matrix, this is the matrix of male emotional unavailability. Let’s be honest: it’s pretty accurate. Ryan Gosling is mentioned, along with “Any guy who reads Elite Daily, which made us chuckle a little bit.

Remember, ladies, the same applies to you as it does for men: If you find a unicorn, catch it.

Hot / Emotional Unavailability Matrix – Everything a Woman Needs To Know About Men:

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