A Rising Star – Azalea Patricia Rodriguez

artFido The Azalea Patricia Rodriguez

We shared Azalea Patricia Rodriguez’s entry in our North American Artist Showcase and were not at all surprised that it received as many votes as it did. Her’s was a striking portrait, with depth and feeling. In intricate detail she captured the spirit of her subject and shared it with the world. And we’re glad she did.

artFido The Azalea Patricia Rodriguez

From her home in Phoenix, Azalea practices the skills she learnt at school and online. Like many of the artists listing on artFido, she finds inspiration and help from artists all over the world willing to share their skills and learning. At 19, she is only just starting to find her feet as an artist, but has already put together quite a striking portfolio of work. With colored pencil and graphite, she concentrates on capturing detail and depth.

artFido The Azalea Patricia Rodriguez

“I love creating things around me the way we see them while focusing on the small things, and sometimes engaging with my audience on a deeper level by sharing something personal.”

artFido The Azalea Patricia Rodriguez

Like many artists, Azalea wasn’t sure about pursuing her talent.

“In high school I learned a lot about what I liked and what I didn’t like and what I was good at. My senior year I had to choose a major for college and I chose art and, though I wasn’t completely sure about what I was doing, I know I made the right choice now.”

Azalea describes herself as patient, competitive and critical. Three terms that would seem to sit comfortably with most artists we’ve met. But we’ll never hold that against her.

artFido The Azalea Patricia Rodriguez

“I have the patience to sit and work on one thing for hours, then try it again if I fail. I am always challenging myself to be better than I was before and those around me. I pick apart everything that’s wrong with my work in order to improve.”

artFido The Azalea Patricia Rodriguez

Azalea is only just beginning her career as an artist. We were excited to award her an artFido artist’s grant and look forward to helping her share and sell more of her work. If you’d like to help us, check out some of the art she has for sale on artFido HERE.

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