The Sweetest Photoshoot Featuring Models Covered in Honey

As there was no cane sugar in the Old World, honey was highly valued for its sweetness, but for other qualities as well. It can function as a medicine as well as a preservative, for under the right conditions does not spoil. Honey sealed in ancient tombs can remain safe to eat to this day. In Egypt and other early cultures around the world it was offered to the gods both in its semi-liquid state and in the form of honey-cakes. Greek and Roman poets wrote of pouring libations of honey mixed with milk or wine, and it plays a significant role in several ancient myths.

It was honey’s viscosity, as well as its color, transparency, and luminosity that has compelled LA photographer Blake Little and Miami photographer Michael Malone to experiment with the material. Innovatively, they applied the substance to the human body, first in drips, then in sheets, creating gleaming, vibrant forms, which, though far from imitative, recall, in different ways those made by Auguste Rodin, Francis Bacon, and Jeff Koons.

Although it doesn’t look like the most comfortable photoshoot ever, the pictures produced from the series are rather impressive, with the gooey, dribbling honey cascading to the floor and elongating the subjects body parts.

What do you think of the result? You can see more of Blake’s series in the book about the project, titled Preservation, by going here, and more of Michael’s works here.


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