The World’s Coldest Village Has Temperatures of -62°C (-80°F), And the Images Are Spectacular

Welcome to Oymyakon, a village where students are expected to attend class till temperatures reach minus -52°C (-62°F). The remote Siberian village is considered to be the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world, and it has just plummeted into a -62°C (-80°F) winter, making our daily complaints about the weather sound rather silly.

The official weather station at the ‘pole of cold’ registered -59°C (-74°F), but the new electronic thermometer claimed the weather was -62°C (-80°F). In fact, it even stopped working after reaching the painful mark. Some of the 500 locals go beyond that, claiming the temperatures are as low as -68°C (-90°F).

In the 1920s and 1930s, Oymyakon was a stopover for reindeer herders who would water their flocks from the thermal spring. In attempts to force its nomadic population into putting down roots, the Soviet government later transformed the site into a permanent settlement. In 1933, a temperature of -67.7°C (−89.9°F) was recorded in the village, accepted as the lowest ever in the Northern Hemisphere.

  1. 1 Welcome to Oymyakon, a remote Siberian village which is considered to be the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world

  2. 2 The temperature there has just plummeted to a chilling -62°C (-80°F)

  3. 3 In the village, however, the cold that could freeze your eyeballs hasn’t stopped life

  4. 4 Except for local students who are expected to attend class till temperatures reach at least minus -52°C (-62°F)

  5. 5 And, believe it or not, people are still going to work

  6. 6 Here’s what driving under such conditions looks like


  7. 7 Street venders have no need to refrigerate their fish as the air temperature is enough to keep them safe from rotting away

  8. 8 They do, however, need to keep themselves as warm as possible

  9. 9 Did we mention it's cold over there?

    Frozen eyelashes In Russia at -50 degree ❄By @anastasiagav Follow @URBANSPOON

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  10. 10 “While filming the trading rows my hands froze to wild pain,” the journalist said. “Sellers stand here all day long. How do they warm themselves?”



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