These Amazing Origami and Paper DIY Art Kits Will Help You Master the Art of Paper Folding

The history of origami has a long, interesting history. It followed after the invention of paper and was a result of paper’s use in society. Independent paper folding traditions exist in East Asia, and it is unclear whether they evolved separately or had a common source.

Many people believe that it originated in Japan, however it is now believed that its true roots were planted in China and Europe.

Origami is back in a big way with the youth of today. But there is also a large contingent of adults who want to learn a new craft later in life without investing too much in materials. And with so many great DIY kits available, it’s super easy to create impressive paper sculptures.

We’ve put together a list for you that includes some of the best paper art projects that come with everything you need, including inspiration, origami paper, and step-by-step instructions. From pretty paper flowers to an elaborate octopus lampshade, you’ll master those complex folds in no time!

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    VasiliLights | $81.36

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    bila| $15.29

  5. artFido

  6. artFido

  7. artFido

    VasiliLights | $70.59

  8. artFido

    MUKUNOKO| $26.37+

  9. artFido

    Wintercroft | $17.37

  10. artFido

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