This is What a USD$95 Million Penthouse Looks Like, 1,369 Ft Above New York


Think property in your city is expensive? Spare a thought for New Yorkers, where property prices are in a world of their own.

The ever-changing and iconic New York City skyline can probably be called a celebrity all its own. 432 Park Avenue is the address of a new 1,396-foot skyscraper that brings yet another extraordinary change not only to the city, but to the whole Western hemisphere, as it is now the tallest condo building in this part of the world.

Designed by Rafael Viñoly, the building can only be described by the most exquisite superlatives. The residential tower is located in the center of Manhattan, on Park Avenue between 56th and 57th streets. It commands breathtaking views of everything from the Hudson to the East River, from the Bronx to Brooklyn, and from Central Park to the Atlantic Ocean. It features 96 stories with 104 units of 30,000 sq ft each with 12.5 ft ceilings, 10 x 10 ft windows, and price tags of $16,95 million to $82,5 million.

The building also features a private restaurant with an outdoor terrace, a 75 ft swimming pool with spa, a screening room/performance venue, a children’s playroom and a board room – you’d never even have to leave the building! So if you have a few spare millions in your account and no place to call home, look no further. In Viñoly’s words, it’s “a 100% New York experience.

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432-park-avenue-manhattan-residential-tower-architecture-30 432-park-avenue-manhattan-residential-tower-architecture-32 432-park-avenue-manhattan-residential-tower-architecture-34 432-park-avenue-manhattan-residential-tower-architecture-211 432-park-avenue-manhattan-residential-tower-architecture-311

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