This Pot Bellied Pig Was Raised With 5 Dogs And Now He Thinks He’s Just Like His Canine Crew

Meet the Vietnamese potbellied pig and the five rescue pups who make up @piggypoo_and_crew.

From left to right, there’s Rika, Slick, Nya, James, Bashe and Chowder. “When I look at my crew, I see the reflection of who I am in them,” says their human Shelby, who lives in Southern California. “Their happiness, their safety, their health, their whole lives rely on me and I will never ever let them down.”

Notice the odd one out? Yup, that’s Chowder, a 6-year-old Vietnamese potbellied pig who grew up with his 4 canine friends and thinks he’s just another pooch.

Scroll down to meet the crew!

  1. Meet Chowder, the pet pig who lives with five rescue dogs and his human, Shelby Madere, in Southern California.


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  4. This band of unlikely animal friends have a unique bond.


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