Tilt makes a statement at the Hotel Au Vieux Panier


Well we’re not sure you’d have the most restful sleep, but Tilt‘s graffiti covered room at the Hôtel Au Vieux Panier is definitely something to behold. One side of the room is completely covered in vibrant graffiti, tagged into every corner, every crevice and crack. The other? Completely stark white. Not a touch of color, paint or art. Why? Why not.

The Hôtel Au Vieux Panier is an art hotel in Marseille, France and is know for its amazing artist inspired rooms. The rooms are changed semi-regularly and each have their own unique characteristics. Tilt’s Grafitti room is one of the most striking we’ve ever seen. Maybe not so practical. But striking nonetheless.

Check it out below, and if you’re ever in France and looking for a hotel that’s a little different, don’t go to the Hôtel Au Vieux Panier. It is a lot different, thanks to Tilt and many other talented artists.

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