Turning water into banknotes and gold bars to raise awareness about our most valuable resource

Turning water into banknotes and gold bars as a reflection on the value of water and the privatization by companies of our most valuable resource.

Clear and transparent water as we know it is now a thing of the past, and drinking water has become a real privilege in a world overwhelmed by pollution. Water is no longer a right, but a private good, marketed and subject to speculation. Water has become a luxury reserved for an elite, a safe haven just like gold.

The project Value of Water has two facets. The first as an ephemeral artwork, made of ice. The second as a perennial artwork, made of transparent resin, allowing the presentation to the public.

Value of Water is the latest project by Parse/Error, a French artist exploring the relationships between human, nature and technology.

Discover the whole project on Value of Water.

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