Vinyl Record-Inspired Bathroom Sinks Will Have You Dancing While Brushing Your Teeth

If you have a love of vinyl and are feeling nostalgic for those record consoles of years gone by, Gianluca Paludi has designed something useful for Olympia Ceramica that will also keep your musical memories in check. Vinyl is a bathroom collection that’s a mix between 70’s consoles and DJ setups with recessed sink basins that resemble turntables.

  1. Designed by Olympia Ceramica’s artistic director Gianluca Paludi, the new Vinyl collection of bathroom sinks are modeled on a mix between ’70s record player consoles and DJ setups.


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  3. Each piece features a wooden base with recessed, vinyl-inspired sink basins.


  4. The sink’s faucet mimics a stylus, and taps, styled as “volume” knobs can be used to adjust the water flow and temperature.


  5. Each piece also comes equipped with built-in bluetooth speakers so you can listen to your favorite tunes while you brush your teeth.


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  9. Here's a neat little video showing how it works:

    In questo nuovo video vi presentiamo più da vicino l'ultimo nato in casa Olympia Ceramica:#Vinyl!

    Posted by Olympia Ceramica on Friday, December 21, 2018



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