Visually Beautiful Arrangements of Everyday Objects by Emily Blincoe


Nashville, Tennessee-based photographer Emily Blincoe arranges miscellaneous assortments of everyday objects into striking compositions, organized by color, shape, and size.

In Blincoe’s skilled hands, even the most ordinary material can be turned into a work of art. Commonplace objects like leaves, cereal, and stones are meticulously laid out in orderly, geometric displays that show off a smooth gradient of hues. Aesthetically pleasing to the highest degree, Blincoe’s images provide a soothing moment of optical relief to anyone who lays eyes on them.

emilyblincoe1 emilyblincoe3 emilyblincoe4 emilyblincoe5 emilyblincoe6

emilyblincoe7 emilyblincoe8 emilyblincoe9

emilyblincoe10 emilyblincoe11 emilyblincoe12

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