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Emelie Coffey is a massage therapist with knack for creating comfort, remedy and beauty with her hands. For the next two weeks, artfido will be featuring Emelie and her work. The art that is. Not the massage. Sorry for those who need the latter.

We spent a couple of minutes getting Emelie’s take on art and getting people to buy art online.

When did you begin creating art?

I am from a large artistic family and I drew a lot when I was young. It helped me integrate socially as I was, and still can be, shy and self-conscious. Art was the only thing I won an award for at school, well except for cross country which I could have been very good at if I had been able to get out of bed in the morning to train. As an adult I started painting with acrylics when, for various reasons, my life changed four years ago. I found I had lots of time for myself and my art, which gave me confidence and a way to express myself.

How would you describe your style?

I am not sure I have a style as yet. My style is ever evolving with every painting. I would hope that I don’t get locked into one as I would imagine I would lose some spontaneity and excitement if I knew how my blank canvas would ultimately turn out. Currently I would say it is letting go, working with colour in an abstract way and leaving the viewer to have their own “wow, I can see a… ” moment.

Who or what are your influences?

I am influenced by what moves and fascinates me, whether it be other art I have seen or the way nature displays its colours and tones.

Did you ever think you would make money selling art or selling art online?

No, and it is a relief that I have been able to sell art online and off, as I would have been limited by the costs of materials.

If you could have lessons from one artist, of any time or period, who would it be and why?

I don’t really have that much in depth knowledge of art and artists as I only studied it at school and that was a long time ago. I recently read a book on van Gogh that I bought in Amsterdam so now feel an affinity to him. He was deeply passionate about the process of creating his art and the use of colour.

Which actor would best portray you in a movie about your life?

My friends seem to think Emma Stone, but I can’t remember seeing anything with her in so I can’t concur. My ego thinks that it should be whoever is the most fabulous female actor at the time of production. Actually, Salma Hayek did a great job portraying Frida Kahlo. We are both Virgos and have great hair so GET HER AGENT ON THE PHONE!

What made you think about selling art online?

It made sense, it is the quickest way to gain exposure nationally and internationally and just about everyone is connected to the internet nowadays.

How did you hear about artFido?

I heard about artFido from other artists that had started using the site.

Do you find it hard to market yourself or to get people to buy art online?

Not at all, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone by volunteering to paint live on stage within a few weeks of selling my first painting and have continuously challenged my self since. I found that creating a Page for my art on Facebook enabled people to be kept up to date with my work and also it gives them an insight into my personality which can be a little hard to portray on a static website. The feedback I get from my Page is invaluable and I am always surprised and humbled whenever someone appreciates my art as much as I do.

If you could ask one band to make a soundtrack of your life, what band would you choose and why?

INXS with Michael Hutchins. When I moved to England aged 16 INXS was the band that gave me the connection with Australia and the only band I went to see every time they played in London. They were with me from childhood to adulthood and carried me through all my trails and tribulations. Also if I could have this band with Michael Hutchens it would mean he would still be alive making great music!

If you’re keen to buy art online and would like to see Emelie’s work then click here.

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“The Wave” by Emelie Coffey

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